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Insurance Claim Denials

As a Florida life, home, and auto insurance attorney, I am all too familiar with the techniques insurance companies use to delay and deny claims. If you are filing an insurance claim, something unfortunate has probably happened to you or a loved one. Dealing with an insurance company is not a priority in these circumstances. Indeed, insurance companies may take advantage of this fact.

I am here to assist you 24/7. Insurance disputes are complicated and should be handled by an experienced attorney. Insurance companies have their lawyers and experts. You should hire your own insurance claim attorney to protect your rights and make sure you are leaving nothing on the table.

Life Insurance Claims

Many life insurance contracts are controlled by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”). Policies governed under ERISA require that a denial be appealed within sixty (60) days of denial. The policy itself may also contain language that may attempt to limit your ability to place a claim after a certain period of time. For such reasons, it is important that you hire an experienced life insurance claims attorney to safeguard your rights through this process.

Insurance companies often rely on the cause of death to deny a life insurance claim. For example, they may allege that suicide was the cause of death. It is well known that coverage for suicide is excluded under most life insurance policies. When it comes to accidental death and dismemberment life insurance coverage, many insurance companies allege that death was the result of natural causes or a decease or infirmity. For example, an insurance company may deny a claim for a person that died due to malpractice during a medical operation. The insurance company may allege under such a circumstance that death resulted from infirmity or natural causes as opposed to an accident. Accordingly, it is important to hire a life insurance attorney to help you with your claim. My office will work quickly to collect and submit all the documentation and evidence needed to properly process your claim, and I will work hard to get you your benefits sooner. If you have a life insurance claim that has been denied or undervalued, call my office 24/7 for a free consultation.

Auto and Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Although insurance companies do not hesitate to collect your monthly premiums on your auto or homeowners’ insurance policy, insurance companies often seek loopholes to avoid paying your claim and may even misinterpret you policy and claim to minimize, delay, or even refuse, your payout.

Of course, such denials can have devastating financial effects on claimants whose car or home is in need of immediate repair. These issues can be exacerbated in the aftermath of hurricanes and other catastrophic events because a large number of policyholders are making claims during the same time period. Similar to life insurance claims, home and auto insurance claims are subject to strict procedural requirements and time limitations. If you have an auto or homeowner’s insurance claim that has been denied or undervalued, call my office 24/7 for a free consultation.

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