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Criminal Defense

Whether you are under investigation or surveillance or have already reached the appeals portion of your case, you can rest assured that my office will handle your case aggressively and with attention to every detail. I will do whatever it takes to protect your rights and ensure you are given a fair and unbiased trial. I have built a reputation as a criminal attorney who will put in the extra hours on your case and answer the phone when you call. Call my office 24/7 for a free consultation if you are facing charges including:

  • Drug possession, sale, or trafficking
  • Weapons and/or firearm offenses
  • Robbery, burglary, or theft
  • Assault, battery, or domestic violence
  • DUI or BUI

Violent crimes typically involve an expansive assortment of forensic evidence. From blood samples to ballistics, I will work with a field of experts to review your case from a microscopic level, allowing us to create a defense capable of raising that necessary reasonable doubt. In addition, I am well-versed in the tactics often utilized by the prosecution to secure a victory, including shoddy police work, unlawful searches and seizures and use of questionable experts. In your case, you can rest assured I will be prepared with an argument to prevent the use of any evidence against you that does not comport with evidentiary rules, is overly prejudicial, or was not collected pursuant to constitutional principles.

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